It Appears That RHOBH Drama Really Has Alienated Lisa Vanderpump From The Cast

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
There’s a widely publicized division between Lisa Vanderpump and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast right now, but they all agree on one thing: You’ll have to keep tuning into the season to get the full story. So far, we’re two episodes in, and it’s clear that Lisa pulling herself away from the group has a lot to do with both her grief over her brother’s death and a situation involving a dog adoption.
But while Vanderpump skipped the RHOBH cast trip and didn’t film as many scenes with the other ladies, is Lisa Vanderpump really not friends with any of the other Housewives right now? The simple answer: no. It's a real bummer, folks. In fact, Lisa and Kyle Richards don’t even consider themselves friends right now. And if they’re not friends, then that doesn’t leave much hope for Lisa and anyone else.
During the premiere party for the new season in early February, E! News spoke to all of the Beverly Hills Housewives about Lisa, and asked them if they were surprised she showed up and for details about their current status with her.
Well, no one was surprised Lisa was there and some of the Housewives made it clear that showing up somewhere people won’t expect her is a Lisa move. When asked why she wasn’t surprised Lisa attended, Teddy Mellencamp responded with a laugh, “Because I think that’s all the point.” Kyle, on the other hand, gave a very diplomatic response, “It is the premiere and she’s on the show, so she should be here.”
Erika, Teddi, and Dorit all told E! that they hadn’t spoken to Lisa for a while, with Dorit saying, “It’s been a good few months.” Teddi didn’t sound like she’s completely closed off to reconciliation. “I’m an adult,” she explained, so I’m happy to have a conversation.” Erika was asked how she feels about her relationship with LVP ending and said, “I don’t feel any way about it. That’s what she chose.”
Then there’s Lisa Rinna, who didn’t say much other than that she sends Lisa love. That said, those two have been at odds a lot over the years, so there’s no way they’re friends if no one else is. Plus, Rinna was the one who really got the drama rolling back in the fall when she called LVP out for not “show[ing] up to work” and not taking a cast photo.
New Housewife Denise Richards didn’t say much about Lisa during the premiere party, either, other than taking a moment praise her co-star’s work with animals and say that she “has a lovely side to her.”
As for how Lisa feels about all of this, she confirmed during an interview with E! before the premiere party that she and Kyle are not friends at the moment. As for the actual premiere party, she left very quickly, a decision she later explained to Us Weekly. “I just wasn’t in the right mental state to really cope with everything Real Housewives throws at you,” Lisa said. She added of whether she could make up with the other women, “Viewers will have to form their own opinions after watching, but I always say ‘never say never.'"
Similarly, Kyle has left the doors open on their friendship. During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, she said, “I really hope [we speak again] because I really care about Lisa and we’ve been friends for a long time.”
There have been rumors that Lisa will leave the show after this season, which seems like a real possibility if she isn’t speaking to any of the other women. After all, the group hanging out just happens to be the entire point of the show. She’ll be fine, though. She has Vanderpump Dogs, Vanderpump Rules, and… a TomTom spinoff, perhaps? Or maybe a Vanderpump Rules series set in Vegas? If she ends up having a RHOBH-sized opening in her schedule, her options are still pretty endless.

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