Even The Kyle Drama On RHOBH Probably Boils Down To Dorit & That Vanderpump Dog

Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Weingart/Bravo.
Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is all about Lisa Vanderpump. Even before it began there were reports of her skipping the annual cast trip, refusing to film with the other Housewives, and potentially leaving the show all together after this season. Lisa’s most reliable ally has always been fellow OG Kyle Richards, but something even happens between Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills matriarchs Lisa and Kyle this season that still hasn’t been mended.
What seems to be the climax of the situation was teased in a flash-forward in the first episode and in the trailer for RHOBH season 9. In the clip, Ken kicks Kyle out of his and Lisa’s home, saying, “You’re a fucking liar. Goodbye, Kyle.” Later in the trailer Lisa says about someone, “I’m not going to say what a fucking bitch she was. Oh! Just said it.” From the editing, it certainly seems like she could be talking about Kyle.
So, what happened? Believe it or not, it could all stem from a situation involving a dog named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice. Yep, that Dorit dog drama could be bigger than it originally looked in the premiere. ICYMI, Dorit Kemsley adopted Lucy from Lisa’s Vanderpump Dogs rescue center, but after it bit her kids and her husband, PK, she found a new owner for the pup. Unfortunately, this new owner then gave the dog to a shelter, where it was traced back to Vanderpump Dogs. During the episode and in an interview with TMZ, Lisa insisted that Dorit didn’t have bad intentions, but expressed concerns with how it could reflect on Vanderpump Dogs.
Kyle found out about the dog situation during the premiere, but nothing else has come of that knowledge — yet. But, oh, it will! In the trailer for the season, Kyle says that “someone is hellbent on getting this Dorit story out there.” And while we don’t know for sure yet, Kyle could think that person is Lisa herself. TMZ reported on February 4, “We're told the cast thinks Lisa went all holier than thou — putting out the story while simultaneously denying it and playing peacemaker.” If Kyle was the one to put that theory out there, that would explain Ken calling her a "liar.”
During the premiere, Kyle and Lisa got into an argument-turned-crying sesh that involved topics as varied as Lisa’s brother’s recent death and Kyle not going to a party at Lisa’s new bar, Tom Tom. There is already a lot of tension between them, even before the dog thing is added to the mix.
As for where they stand now, it sounds like they still haven’t spoken. On the Watch What Happens Live After Show on February 7, Kyle said, “Well, the last time I spoke with Lisa or Ken was when I was at their house, and we were going to have a talk, and then it ended up being a disaster, which you see in the trailer for the season.” Also in early February, Kyle appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan and expressed that she’s hopeful about their friendship. “I really hope [we will speak again], because I really care about Lisa, and we’ve been friends for a long time, and we’ve been doing this a long time,” she said.
And they’re going to have to speak to each other soon whether they like it or not. The RHOBH reunion taping is coming up very, very soon.

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