Let's Clear Up RHOBH's Teddi Mellencamp Vanderpump Dogs Situation (As Best As We Can)

Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Weingart/Bravo.
The thing about the Real Housewives franchise is that entire seasons can be focused on the weirdest, tiniest piece of drama. And, apparently, this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is centered around a dog adoption. In the first two episodes, we found out that Dorit adopted a dog, Lucy, from Lisa Vanderpump’s rescue center, and that Lisa wants everyone to shut up about it… but now, the plot thickens as Teddy Mellencamp, Vanderpump Dogs, and Kyle Richards become part of one of the Housewives' conspiracy theories. Enter Lisa Rinna, stage left.
Dorit has explained to LVP, to Erika, to the audience, to everyone who will listen, that she thought Lucy was going to a good home after biting her children and husband, and didn’t know she would then end up in a shelter where she would be traced back to Vanderpump Dogs. Lisa has said that she accepts this story and knows Dorit didn’t mean for the dog to find her way to a shelter. But, Lisa keeps then acting like she doesn’t really feel that way. Things are tense between these two — the last episode ended with Lisa refusing to room with Dorit while in the Bahamas — but in Episode 3, the dog drama will spread to the rest of the Housewives.
Basically, some (all?) of the Housewives believe that Lisa wanted to get the Dorit dog story out into the world, even though she has repeatedly said on the show that she doesn’t want to talk about it. (Yes, if you were not aware, this Dorit dog story made headlines on ye olde interwebs months before the season premiered.)
In a preview of Episode 3, Lisa Rinna puts forth that LVP is pushing the dog drama front and center whenever and wherever she can. “This wouldn’t get out there if you didn’t want it out there,” Rinna says to the group. “This is like bullshit. Going to Teddi. Bringing Kyle in. This sounds like a fucking setup.”
When Rinna refers to Teddi and Kyle, she’s talking about how a Vanderpump Dogs employee was the one to tell Teddi about the dog situation, and about how Kyle, Teddi, and Lisa filmed at Vanderpump Dogs while Lucy was "conveniently" there and shown on screen.
Teddi wrote about this in her Bravo blog after the first episode. “Yes, I was told a story of what happened before I arrived [to Vanderpump Dogs] that day by John Blizzard, Vanderpump Dogs’ Events Coordinator. No, we were not close friends and did not speak regularly,” she wrote. On the show, LVP says Teddi and John were close. Teddi continued, “...I don’t know why it would behoove Lisa to exaggerate like that to Dorit. Oh wait, I do, but now is not the time for that.”
Teddi also wrote, “John Sessa was the other John there that day … not only is it weird that, if Lisa didn’t want it brought up at all, knowing we were filming that day, he would bring the dog out, but there’s easily a moment when he’s grabbing Lucy Lucy off the ground that it’s just him and Vanderpump and she could have told him ‘Absolutely not.’” On top of that, Teddi has been tweeting about this too and says that she’ll write about it again in her next Bravo blog, so this is not ending anytime soon.
In fact, the entire season really does seem to be based entirely around Lucy. The trailer for the season involves a voiceover from Kyle saying, “Someone is hellbent on getting this Dorit story out there.” We know that Kyle and LVP end up having a big falling out, and it sounds like it could be because Kyle believes (or believed) LVP tried to spread the Dorit story herself.
One thing’s for sure: Lisa Rinna is stoked about all of this. Rinna has been a longtime promoter of the idea that LVP tries to pull strings behind everyone’s backs and keep her hands clean in any drama (see: Season 6’s alleged Munchausen manipulations). Who the heck knows what LVP is really doing, but Rinna can barely contain herself. “I’m a little worried about her,” Rinna says in the Episode 3 clip. “She’s fucking slipping.” Well, we shall see.

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