Jennifer Lawrence & Adele Partied With Fans At One Of NYC’s Gay Bars & Everyone Should Be Jealous

Photo: James Gourley/Shutterstock.
What were you doing last night? If you’re like me, you were in bed early after binging on 90 Day Fiancé. You were definitely not partying with Jennifer Lawrence and Adele. But some lucky night owls were out when these dream gal pals crashed a drag show at Pieces, a gay bar in New York’s legendary West Village, the historic epicenter of the city’s queer community. My FOMO is rising to fabulous levels.
Adele and Lawrence hit up Freaky Fridays, a weekly drag show at Pieces hosted by Miss Ruby Roo. Twitter users who were at the bar were surprised and excited when the two famous ladies showed up and captured the scenes for serious posterity. They played a drinking game with fans, which Adele apparently lost. “How could you lose?!” exclaimed Lawrence, as she tackled Adele to the ground. “This isn’t The Hunger Games!” says a drag queen. The famously potty-mouthed Adele laugh-yelled, “Fuck you, bitch!” and, “She’s fucking engaged!” (Lawrence confirmed her engagement to art gallery director Cooke Maroney in February.) Lawrence objected, saying, “That has nothing to do with my drinking abilities!”
In another video, Adele went on stage and grabbed the mic, because of course she did. Instead of belting out some tunes (she is on her off-hours, after all), Adele joined the audience participation segment of the show. “What do you do for a living?” asked Ruby Roo. “I’m actually, at the moment, a stay-at-home mum,” she replied, to uproarious laughter from the crowd. “I love that! Beautiful, beautiful!” Ruby Roo responded, and asked Adele if she’s “ready to mingle and have a great time with the gays tonight.” In pure Adele form, she said, “Fuckin’ obviously!”
While it would be incredible if Adele and Lawrence tag-teamed to crash our next dive bar outing, we’re happy for the crowd at Pieces. They got to party with drag queens and two of our culture’s most revered performers, and have the receipts to prove it. Everyone at that bar now has a great story to impress their friends next time they go out.

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