If You Want To Know The Craziest Thing A Florida Man Has Done On Your Birthday, Do The Florida Man Challenge

Ever wonder what kind of Florida man you are? Luckily for you, there's a Florida Man Challenge for that. It's simple: Just Google "Florida Man" plus your birthday to unearth a headline about a bizarre crime or stunt that a Florida man has committed on your birthday (like driving a Ferrari into the ocean, or licking a stranger's doorbell) — and ta-da, he is your Florida Man. It's kind of like reading your horoscope, except not. The Florida Man's reputation precedes him (see his Twitter), and there is certainly enough of him on the internet to go around — no matter your birthday, there's surely a Florida Man headline for you, probably involving pizza, a reptile, or a theft gone awry because of poor planning.
Suffice it to say, the #FloridaManChallenge tweets are very interesting.
The challenge has brought lots of traffic to Florida outlets like the Tampa Bay Times, which reported yesterday that their top stories of the day all involved Florida men. It's worth noting, too, that one reason why these weird headlines seem to come out of Florida in particular is because of Florida's public-record laws. Arrest reports and mugshots are available to the public, which is why the media can write a strangely specific story about a Florida man that they couldn't necessarily do if he lived in a different state.
Celebrities are getting into it as well. Apparently, one time on John Legend's birthday, a Florida man dropped a stolen TV from a getaway scooter. Thank you, John, for bringing this one to light.

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