Exclusive: The Stars Of Five Feet Apart Share Their Characters' Heartbreaking Journey

Photo: Courtesy of CBS Films.
Exclusive production diaries from Justin Baldoni's Five Feet Apart give fans an intimate look at the couple at the center of the year's most tear-jerking love story.
In Five Feet Apart, Cole Sprouse plays Will, a cynical teenager living with cystic fibrosis. While in the hospital for yet another round of treatment, Will meets, and falls for CF patient Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) who just so happens to be his polar opposite. However, it's the pair's one big similarity that keeps them physically apart: Cystic fibrosis patients must keep to a "six feet apart" rule, due to the risk of cross contamination.
How Will and Stella grow closer, despite their physical distance, is heartwarming and devastating all at once.
In a new production diary, premiering exclusively on Refinery29, Sprouse gives fans a deeper look into Will's character.
"His hopes [of getting better] have been smashed quite a bit," Sprouse reveals in the video about how Will is coping with his diagnosis. "He's in no small way resigned himself to the nature of his life. And, of course, that's when he meets Stella."
Sprouse also adds that Will's art — which is featured prominently in the film — helps keep him a safe distance from the real world.
"His artwork is something that he can shut the door, close the blinds, and lock himself away," says Sprouse of Will's cartooning.
While Will likes to isolate himself from the world, Stella does the opposite.
"She makes [YouTube] videos to share what she knows and make people feel less alone," Richardson says in Stella's production diary.
Five Feet Apart is in theaters now.

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