Georgia Rep. Proposes "Testicular Bill Of Rights" In Response To Anti-Abortion Bill

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Georgia state Rep. Dar'shun Kendrick has drafted a "Testicular Bill of Rights" to regulate men's reproductive organs, just like the anti-abortion bills proliferating across the country do with women's.
Her proposal is in response to the Georgia House's approval of a so-called "heartbeat bill," legislation that would outlaw abortion after a fetus' heartbeat is detected. This can happen as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, which is before most women even realize they are pregnant. Abortion is currently legal in Georgia within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. The Georgia Senate is expected to vote on the bill Thursday.
The bill, which has not officially been proposed, would: require men in the state to get permission from their partner before obtaining a prescription for Viagra or other erectile dysfunction medication; ban vasectomies and punish doctors who perform them; make sex without a condom an "aggravated assault" crime for men; after DNA testing, require men to immediately start paying child support when the woman is six weeks and one day pregnant; and create a 24-hour waiting period for men who want to buy pornography or sex toys.
While this bill clearly won't pass (although a girl can dream), it makes an important point about the draconian regulations introduced in state house after state house in the U.S. today. Mississippi and Louisiana both recently signed 15-week abortion bans into law, although a judge blocked Mississippi's ban, making Louisiana's unenforceable. In Iowa, Gov. Kim Reynolds signed into law a heartbeat bill, which was set to take effect in July 2018. A court declared this bill unconstitutional as well.
"HB-481 [The 'Heartbeat Bill'] inspired me to see what the reaction would be from some males and male legislators if the tables were turned and we started to talk about their reproductive rights and organs," Kendrick told CBS News. "It has started the conversation about the absurdity of regulating women's bodies and right to choice and instead focused on men and their rights."

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