Midsommar, From Hereditary Director, Is A Sunny, Flowery Bloodbath

Photo: Courtesy of IMDb.
You may associate the words "festival" and "flower crown" with Coachella, but Ari Aster's follow-up to Hereditary is far scarier than even the worst desert porta potty.
Mere months after Hereditary clucked fear into our souls, the trailer for Midsommar has dropped to prove that nighttime isn't the only scary time of the day.
The film — about a group of American tourists who hit up a Swedish festival that only occurs every 90 years — is sunny, full of flowers, and smiling Scandinavian people. Unfortunately for the visitors expecting an idyllic retreat straight out of Frozen, this festival has something much darker in store than folk dancing around a may pole.
As with early trailers for Hereditary, the specific details of the plot are murky. (In fact, Hereditary's early-on death of a main character was specifically hidden in all promotional material, making it all the more powerful.) Still, Aster has teased some plot details: In an interview with IndieWire, Aster said that the film is an "apocalyptic breakup movie," in which the "recent death of the main character’s parents casts a sense of dread over the proceedings."
No matter what happens in the movie, it's sure to be scary — and the trailer isn't the only indication that Midsommar will haunt our nightmares. Last week, production company A24 dropped some particularly sinister art for the upcoming film. (Hit "play" to get the full extent of the horror.)
Aster may have put his stamp on the horror genre with Hereditary, but don't expect him to churn out something this unsettling every year. According to his interview with IndieWire, Midsommar is the only other scary movie he has in the works.
"I want to play in every genre," Aster explained to the outlet. "I would love to make a musical."
Forgive us, Aster, if we watch that musical through our hands.
Check out the trailer for Midsommar below.
Midsommar hits theaters this summer.

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