We Checked Out The Most Terrifying Movie Of The Year

Everyone's got that one film which made their skin crawl and left them checking their wardrobe before bed for weeks. Now, imagine a film that's 10 times more scary. Only then are you close to the terror levels of Hereditary, the horror film that hits cinemas in the UK on 14th June.
Being fans of horror here at R29, we've been looking forward to this film for months and finally, last week, we actually got to see it – and oh my gosh.
Here's a snippet of the words that were instantly muttered by us after watching.
The very excellent Toni Collette takes the lead role as a woman struggling with grief after the death of her mother. As she throws herself into her job (building doll's houses and miniatures – sure) in a bid to overcome family tragedy, her dark ancestral secrets begin to unravel in front of her eyes. Can she keep it together to save her family, and her sanity? Things aren't looking good. We caught ourselves jumping, recoiling and rubbing down our goosebumps more times than we would have liked.
The acting is marvellous, the sound will have you checking over your shoulder every 30 seconds and clever camerawork makes it feel like the audience is in the very doll's house Colette's character is making. Hereditary fast proves that it's a complex and multilayered tragedy filled with grief and terror. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat until the very last minute.
Our emotions were well and truly toyed with from start to finish.
If you're still not quite convinced just how scary this film is (although we doubt that) check out the trailer and then head to your nearest cinema. Immediately.

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