Meet Lali, The Argentinian Music Star With Feminist Flair

Photo: Mindy Small/FilmMagic/Getty Images.
With crossover hits like "Despacito" and "Mi Gente," Latin music stars have the attention of music-lovers now more than ever. This has opened up a clear path for Spanish-language stars like Lali Espósito to shine for a broader audience. Already this year, the Argentinian singer has a Latin Billboard nomination, a couple music festivals booked, and cover spreads in Galore and Vogue Mexico.
What started as a telenovela acting career has spawned into a multi-hyphenate, international empire. And the 27-year-old accredits some of her success to her attention to detail, which is evident from her cool-girl Instagram account — which she manages herself — that has nearly six million followers. "I'm really into the behind the scenes work of production, lights, all of it," she tells Refinery29.
This eye for the small things comes alive in her most recent music video with Mexican superstar Thalia for their joint single, "Lindo Pero Bruto," which has reached 26 million views since its release in January. The video, which was inspired by the '80s movie Mad Science, has the two singers in elaborate costumes, scenes, backdrops, and even wigs. "What's great about this video is that whether a five-year-old girl or a 30-year-old person sees it, maybe even a grandmother at 80, it can be fun for anyone," Espósito says.
This video comes at a time when women are pitted against each other more than ever in the music industry, igniting feuds across genres. Espósito and Thalia are well aware of that, and are hoping that collaborative projects like this one can set an example. "This had to happen," says Espósito, while Thalia joins in on the conversation adding: "Young girls are growing up in this new age when they have more platforms to express themselves or to be themselves. In return, there's so many ways right now in which these girls and women can be supporting each other."
That girl-power spirit is also evident in the sultry dance moves and the feminist lyrics. To translate, Lali and Thalia tell their experimental man that he's "pretty, but dumb," defying the machismo culture that still thrives in South American countries, like Argentina. But it's all done in fun confirms Lali — and a quick look at her other music videos and performances shows that she has that same air of confidence across all her projects.
At the end of the day, Espósito has no intentions of slowing her momentum, whether that means more screen time, new music, or landing more magazine covers. Her eyes will remain on the prize: "I intend to grow as a person this year," says the singer. "I'm hoping to have it all."

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