What Exactly Does Colton Underwood Want Us To Learn From His New Song?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Colton Underwood, current Bachelor and forever dog lover, wants to see us learn! At least, that's what he's saying on his new single with band O-Town (which is still sans Ashley Parker Angel), entitled "Hello World." Yes! Let's say it again: Colton Underwood just released a single with the band O-Town.
"This song is for anyone who is fighting or has fought for themselves in the past. There is hope, there is light. Don’t wait your turn," Underwood wrote on Twitter. Underwood's role in the song is relatively slight. According to Entertainment Tonight, he recorded the line "I want to see you learn," which was then sliced and diced in the studio — you can hear a blended, heavily synthesized version of the line at 2:08 in the track.
"They’re such great people, so I hopped behind the microphone and that’s a credit to them for encouraging me and making me feel comfortable enough to do that," Underwood told ET. The song has been described as a "charity single" for Underwood's charity, The Legacy Foundation.
The opening line of the song is: "I am a warrior." Later, the members of O-Town sing, "I just want to see you learn," a theme.
All of this is to say, what exactly does he want to see us learn? Basket-weaving? Fence-jumping? Snowboarding, like he did for Caelynn on The Bachelor last Monday? Radical empathy? Sewing buttons? Hemming pants? Guitar?

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