Does This Mean Colton Underwood Is Engaged?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
In a preview for the remaining episodes of Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, Underwood stands at a plateau — it's always a plateau — fumbling with a ring box. When he opens the box, though, there's no ring inside. Is it because he decided he didn't want to get engaged? Or is it because the ring is already on a finger?
Kaitlyn Bristowe did the dirty work of directly asking Underwood on an episode her podcast Off the Vine which aired Tuesday. Bristowe, a savvy former Bachelorette, asked, "Did you do b-roll with the ring in the box and without?"
(B-roll is filler footage that isn't vital to the narrative.) Underwood possibly filmed a few takes — some with the ring hanging out in the ringbox, and others where it is mysteriously absent. It's also possible this shot was filmed before Underwood even had a ring, as we have no idea when The Bachelor shoots these promos.
Underwood's answer is only slightly evasive. "There were lots of takes," he told Bristowe. "My whole thing is like, rings aren't meant to stay in boxes. Rings are meant to be on fingers, so."
Rings were meant to be on fingers. From that, sir Underwood, former footballer and forever dog dad, I am going to read that you are maybe engaged.
"So maybe it was on a finger and not in a box?" Bristowe asked, providing a dutiful follow-up.
Said Underwood, "There was a lot that went into that day."
Underwood has avoided saying whether or not he's engaged thus far, something that not all Bachelors and Bachelorettes have done. Most notably, Rachel Lindsay openly admitted that she was engaged, and happily so, during pre-season press. Underwood has been less chatty, which suggests that he potentially avoids engagement at the end of the show. But rings were meant to be on fingers! Rings were meant to be taken out of boxes and slipped, lovingly, tenderly, onto a a hand! Underwood, you tricky Bachelor.

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