Selena Gomez Listens to Her Own Music, As She Should

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.
Selena Gomez, back in the public eye, celebrated her friend Courtney Barry's wedding on Thursday and even provided the tunes. Well, at least someone put on Gomez's song "Taki Taki" at the very wedding Gomez was attending. While the singer herself did not document the night on social media, many other attendees took snaps and videos that paint a truly envious picture.
We last saw Gomez with her BFFs in Cabo, where they were celebrating Barry's bachelorette party. However, the wedding took place back in Los Angeles and Gomez showed up sporting a sleek black dress with sequins. There are even some photos of Gomez and her pals partying that night:
There's also a clip of the star that we wish was way longer, since it contains Gomez warning her friend to "remember you have a boyfriend."
If you look closely, you can also briefly see Gomez getting down the dance floor when "Taki Taki" collaborator Cardi B's song "I Like It" is playing.
However, Gomez is not in frame when her own song starts playing at the celebration, but we can only hope she was getting down off-screen with her pals, or maybe even at the DJ booth pulling the ultimate flex.
Or, another theory: play Selena Gomez at your wedding and she'll miraculously appear. It's definitely worth a try.

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