Twilight Zone Is Back With A Star-Studded Cast & New Nightmares

Photo: CBS/Getty Images.
Mere weeks after Jordan Peele drops his second horror film Us, the Oscar-winning writer-director will drop another special treat for fans of social thrillers.
The Twilight Zone revival is heading to CBS All Access , with creator Peele stepping into the suit of former host Rod Serling. (And, for fans of the 2002 revival, Forest Whitaker.) Now, we have our first real trailer for the upcoming show, which proves it's as star-studded as something called The Twilight Zone really should be.
The new teaser — which appears to be cut from several episodes of the upcoming anthology — features stars like Adam Scott, Sanaa Lathan, Tracy Morgan, and Kumail Nanjiani, all in desperate and creepy situations.
Scott's character keeps seeing the numbers "1015" appearing in everyday life. Nanjiani's just wants to know where his dog is...even though his wife reminds him, umm, they don't have a dog. Lathan may be able to control time, which seems neat but is probably really bad, ultimately.
Peele is the perfect choice to usher in these nightmarish tales, which, in the trend of creator Serling's original series, have something significant to say about society and human behavior. The original show, which ran from 1959 to 1964, tackled everything from beauty standards to prejudice to deep-seated paranoia of the "other." Get Out, with its sci-fi elements of body control and more in-deepth criticism of race issues, has long been considered a continuation of sorts of Serling's vision.
With Peele leading us through this "dimension of mind," we're eager to get wrapped up in The Twilight Zone. Check out the trailer below; the show premieres on April 1.
The Twilight Zone hits CBS All Access April 1.

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