This Is How To Tell All The Afterlife Shows Apart

Photo: Courtesy of IMDb.
The world seems to be an increasingly scary place. The millennium started with apocalyptic Y2K panic and less than a decade later, an entire movie, 2009’s 2012, was built around the idea of the world’s foretold destruction. In 2017, the president’s inauguration speech sounded like a doomsday prophecy.
It only makes sense that the most powerful form of pop culture right now — television — is grappling with our tense times and what may lie beyond. That's why TV is fixated on death and the afterlife. In fact, there’s a show literally called After Life coming to Netflix in early March 2019 that just dropped a new trailer. The Ricky Gervais-starring series premieres less than a month after the debut of Miracle Workers, a TBS comedy about two cogs in the heaven wheel (Daniel Radcliffe and Blockers breakout Geraldine Viswanathan) trying to stop God (Steve Buscemi, natch) from ending the world forever.
And, those two new comedies arrive on the heels of Russian Doll, Forever, and The Good Place’s most lauded season yet. That's a lot of dying.
To help you figure out what each show is about — and which one is right for you — we came up with a helpful guide to TV’s most afterlife-obsessed shows. Keep reading to find your personal TV heaven.

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