The First Aladdin Trailer Dropped & Everyone Has Thoughts About Will Smith's Genie

Up until the last few seconds, the consensus was that the first full trailer for the live-action Aladdin was great. The trailer panned over the ornate spires of Agrabah, teased the possibility of a magic carpet, and showed an adorable Aladdin and Jasmine making eye contact.
Then came the trailer's final moments, when Will Smith's Genie made his debut. As the Genie, Smith is filling massive footsteps. Robin Williams' rendition of the Genie in the 1992 animated version of Aladdin remains one of the most legendary comedic performances in movie history. Judging by the brief trailer snippet, Smith's performance might become also iconic — but more for his well, strange appearance than anything else.
What does this 2019 Genie look like? Smith's genie is ripped, and blue, and seems like he would be at home in the fantastical world of Smith's Netflix "blockbuster" movie, Bright. The Genie looks like a member of the Blue Man Group who discovered CrossFit, or a minor character in a straight-to-TV spinoff of Guardians of the Galaxy. He has large elven ears, and a tuft of hair atop his head and atop his chin. Upon his bare chest rests a necklace. And on his face, a wry expression with nuances filled in by CGI.
Second to Michelle Obama's appearance during the opening speeches, this Genie appearance might be the biggest surprise of the evening. People were certainly adjusting to this new Genie.
Many people are already expecting to dream of the Genie tonight, and not in a good way. The consensus is "nightmare fodder."
Considering we live in a world in which people thirst for Venom, this reaction to Genie is almost surprising. We're optimistic that after Aladdin premieres in its entirety in May, Swole Genie will attract a fervent fan base of his own. Two seconds of a trailer does not a movie make.

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