3 Breakout Hairstyle Trends You'll Be Wearing This Spring

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Imagine you're walking down the street — it's sunny and surprisingly pleasant for a February afternoon — when your eyes land on a girl at the corner with amazing hair. Her shiny platinum ends bounce off her shoulders, until the wind picks up and she pulls her hair back into a messy baby bun at the nape of her neck — and, somehow, it actually looks better.
That's the power of a good hairstyle. It has the ability to take your already-enviable cut, and give it a whole new life. And it's never been truer this season, as accessories and updos see a resurgence both on and off the runways. From the revival of high, bouncy ponytails to posh low buns, we've compiled your spring hairstyle forecast, ahead.
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Full Ponytails

According to celebrity stylist Laura Polko, the ponytail de jour for spring is one with lots of volume. “Instead of super-straight ends, I’ve been loving a classic, blowout style," says Polko. (Send our regards to Ariana Grande.) "The hair moves so beautifully with a little body and movement, and when it's tossed up into a ponytail it has a polished look that still feels fun."
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Celebrity stylist Vernon François struck the perfect balance of sleek and voluminous on author Elaine Welteroth.
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Polished Low Bun

According to Polko, the low bun will be another big trend when the weather turns. “The goal of the low bun is to make it look effortless — not like a formal updo — so if it’s a little messy at the base, that's even better," she tells us. "The trick is to make a low ponytail and circle the ends, securing them in place with an elastic or bobby pins." You can always dress it up with hair pins or a skinny headband, depending on the occasion.
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The low chignon that celebrity stylist Ashley Streicher created for Emily Blunt proves just how chic and elegant the style can be.
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Delicate Appliques

New York Fashion Week was the scene for hair accessories, and Polko tells us the uptick in hair jewelry will continue to rise through spring — just expect it to take on a more romantic feel. “No matter how the hair is styled — natural, blown out, curly, or bent in a wave — I like to pull the front pieces back from the face with a pin," Polko says. "It’s a really simple trick, but makes a major impact. I like a visible bobby pin – especially if they're dainty and sweet.”
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You don't need to wear your hair down to play with teeny floral accents. Model Imaan Hammam is proof that a braided twist practically begs to be sprinkled with baby pink flowers.

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