Riverdale's New Cult Leader Is A Former CW Heartthrob

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Fan speculation was correct. According to Variety, Chad Michael Murray will play Edgar Evernever on season 3 of Riverdale.
Described as an " enigmatic leader," Edgar is a "charming and handsome guru" at first glance, but Variety teases he has a possibly "sinister" agenda brewing.
Watch out, Alice!
This article was originally published on February 8, 2019.
Long before KJ Apa’s Archie Andrews was running around Riverdale in the middle of the night (often shirtless), Chad Michael Murray’s Lucas Scott was tearing up the streets of Tree Hill. Is it possible that Riverdale and One Tree Hill’s respective heartthrobs could appear on the very same screen? The CW may have a magic plan in the works.
Though it has yet to be confirmed by Murray’s reps or The CW, rumor has it that Murray may join Riverdale this season. What set off the alarms was some intriguing Instagram follows on Murray's part.
According to the folks on Reddit, Murray recently followed Apa and real-life Cheryl Blossom Madelaine Petsch on Instagram. (Per my research, the actor currently follows both Riverdale stars.) Trinity Likins, who plays Jughead's little sister Jellybean on The CW series, also follows Murray — though it's entirely possible that she recently discovered One Tree Hill on Hulu.
Obviously, there are many reasons for Murray to follow these TV stars on Instagram. I mean, I follow them on Instagram, and so far, no call has come offering me a guest starring role. But it is worth mentioning that there is one big character that Murray could play: The Farm's leader Edgar Evernever.
We met Edgar's daughter Evelyn (Zoé De Grand Maison) early into season 3 of Riverdale, but so far her father has been talked about but not seen. With the Gargoyle King mystery coming to a close, the very cult-y Farm is poised to be a big deal in season 3. According to a poster provided by The CW, The Farm is even the one putting on Heathers: The Musical. We're bound to meet Edgar soon — maybe the reason for the delay has to do with the show getting a big, splashy actor to portray the character.
It wouldn't be the first time Riverdale went nostalgic in its casting: Gina Gershon was recently tapped to portray mom of Jughead (Cole Sprouse), which is to say nothing of the casting of Luke Perry, former Beverly Hills, 90210 heartthrob, as Archie's father or Scream's Billy Skeet Ulrich as Jughead's pop.
Only time will tell if Murray will come to Riverdale, but if he does, The CW will finally have come full-circle with its teen dramas. Fingers crossed this rumor is the real deal.
Refinery29 has reached out to representatives for The CW and Murray for comment.

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