Lindsay Lohan On Being Invited To Fyre Festival & Embracing Her Viral Dance Video

Photo: Courtesy of MTV.
On a tiny island in Greece there is a special spot — a spot where there's a cabana with your name on it, where the buzz of techno music never stops, and where Lindsay Lohan might just shoot you in the eye with her champagne gun (if you’re lucky!). That place? Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club of course, and with the news that the show is moving to Monday nights at 10 p.m. we chatted with the actress and entrepreneur about reality TV, the Fyre Festival debacle, and superfan Miley Cyrus.
During the conversation, Lohan, currently in Dubai, dined on noodles prepared by her little sister singer Aliana. The two are close, and Lindsay expressed her dismay at their "sister moon" coming to an end. "My sister is leaving soon — she’s going to LA to record," she said. "But I don’t want her to leave. We had such an amazing experience. I thought “What’s better than going to the Maldives with your sister? Nothing!” What guy can top a sister moon?”
Ahead, the actress, entrepreneur, and older sister elaborates on her unconventional management style, and the confidence she’s found as a businesswoman supporting other women. It's Lindsay Lohan's world, and we're just living it.
On comparisons between Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club and Vanderpump Rules:
“I love Vanderpump Rules. I mean it’s a little crazy but so is my show! I love Lisa Vanderpump — she’s a good friend of mine. She texts me the funniest emojis and she’s an amazing woman and I ask her questions all the time. I admire her and look up to her because I think she’s a very strong woman."
“This is all anyone is talking about! I haven’t seen the documentaries yet, but I heard about it when it was happening because I have friends who actually bought tickets. At the time, I was like, what’s the point? I don’t even understand. I have a message on my phone from a year ago of phone offering me tickets and then I just started hearing about it again today. It’s scary because people booked tickets! I can’t believe somebody stole all their money. I’m going to watch the Netflix one as soon as I get a chance."
On Lohan Beach Club superfan Miley Cyrus:
“I love Miley. She’s so supportive and so sweet. She’a great person and she looks amazing. We have mutual friends and I think it’s so cool how supportive of the show she’s been. I love her for that. She’s an amazing talent and a good woman.”
On that viral video of her dance moves:
“When I first saw it was like, “Oh my god. No. NO!”
But I’m like that on those days at the club though! At first I wanted to run and go into a cave. Listen, I’m always public when I’m doing movies, but this is new for me — this reality stuff. Totally different experience. This is now about me putting myself on the line and showing people what I’ve worked really hard for in business. So [when the dance video] started to viral it was like Oh no, Oh God, Oh no. Take this down! Who let this happen! (laughs). But then I realized we might as well make it a fun thing. People are having fun doing it but personally I was inside panicking.“
On the business of reality TV versus making films:
“It’s nice to be on the other side, on the business side of things. It’s nice to be in a meeting with a bunch of men who are terrified of me. I’m in control and I like that feeling. And for the girls that work with me on the show, I’m telling them “You can have a nightlife later. But for right now, you’re working.” Because I only speak on the things I’ve lived through. As a woman, it’s great to see us come together and do a great job and be strong for ourselves — and help other women.”

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