Ariana Grande's BBQed Hand Is Just Trolling Us Now

Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images.
Ariana Grande, who suffered a tattoo mishap these past few days after attempting to get the Japanese characters for "7 Rings" inked on her her hands, is ready to laugh about it.
In the immediate aftermath of her initial Japanese "7 Rings" tattoo, which ended up saying "Japanese BBQ," Grande was liking tweets about her "tambourine grill hand." However, she ultimately hatched a plan to fix it with the help of her Japanese tutor.
"rip tiny charcoal grill," Grande captioned a photo of the new tattoo. "miss u man. i actually really liked u."
Because Japanese is read vertically from top to bottom as well as right to left, this doesn't read "seven finger circle," as the correction intended, but "Japanese barbecue finger," and Grande, appropriately, is never going to hear the end of it.
Luckily, she is a good sport about it. When TMZ tweeted an article about a lawsuit filed against her "God Is A Woman" music video, Grande called out their misspelling of her name.
"who ariane" she asked.
"Guess Japanese isn't the only language that's tough to master," TMZ joked, and Grande had to hand it to them.
"touché," she replied. "i’d shake ur hand rn if i could."
Luckily, hand tattoos fade, but jokes about them, however, last forever.

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