Big Money Diaries News: Listen To Our New Podcast!

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Hey, Money Diaries fans! We have some exciting news to share that's been months in the making! Today, we're thrilled to announce our new podcast, Money Diaries: The Podcast. You can listen to our teaser right here. And tune in next Monday, February 11, for our first full episode!
Devoted readers (and hey, even casual fans) of Money Diaries know that sometimes entries can raise more questions than answers. Sure you know the diarist's salary, their take-home pay, and their monthly expenses. But we see you hanging out in the comments asking the hard questions: Why is she putting so much into retirement? Why can’t she afford a vacation? If she makes so much bank, why does she let her boyfriend pick up the check?
In our new podcast, we set out to answer those questions. In every episode, a diarist calls in with a money dilemma, question, or awkward situation, and we help them figure it out all – without getting (super) judge-y.
I'm co-hosting along with Paco DeLeon, founder of The Hell Yeah Group. Paco is honestly one of the smartest women I know (we regularly tap her for advice), and she's both a kickass musician and good with money (turns out being creative and being financially savvy aren't mutually exclusive!). The Hell Yeah Group is a financial firm focused on inspiring creatives to be engaged with their personal and business finances, and more importantly, to give them the tools and support to stop freaking out about it. Basically, she's exactly the kind of person you want giving you advice.
In our first season, we'll be tackling everything from student loan debt (it sucks) to the cost of having kids (it's expensive) and having real, honest, and sometimes uncomfortable conversations about these tough topics. But we promise it's also fun and little bit voyeuristic like your favorite Money Diary.
The podcast was made possible thanks to our amazing sponsor, Intuit. They power prosperity — and Money Diaries, and we are so grateful for their amazing support.
You can subscribe to the podcast on Spotify and iTunes or whatever podcast platform you use. And while you're there, please leave us a review if you like what you hear!

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