Maisie Williams & Lena Headey’s Game Of Thrones Spoilers Are Beyond Bleak If You Wanted A Happy Ending

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Arya Stark.
The final season of Game of Thrones hasn’t even dropped an official trailer yet, and we’re already stressed out. Between the drama of Winterfell’s siblings and a very large army of zombies headed towards, well, everyone, we can’t handle any more of the show’s notorious character deaths. But according to Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), Game of Thrones is intent on breaking more hearts — specifically, ours.
Williams chatted about the show with Sky News, and didn’t sound particularly reassuring about its ending. “I don't know that anyone’s going to be satisfied. No one wants it to end, but I'm really proud of this final season,” she said. While obviously this gives nothing away, it tells us everything. To quote the very evil, very dead character Ramsay Bolton, if we think the show has a happy ending, Williams would like us to know that we haven’t been paying attention.
Headey, unfortunately, echoes Williams’ sentiments. On an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she revealed she’s the only one rooting for Queen Cersei to keep hold of the Iron Thrones, because “someone has to.” She revealed that she was the 12th cast member to finish shooting — and with a show that has a huge cast, that could mean that Cersei dies very quickly. Or it could mean that, out of the main characters, Cersei clings to life till the icy end. Still, her overall demeanor as she talked about her character’s wrap isn’t happy or hopeful or nostalgic — her attitude is screaming, “Folks, you have no idea what’s coming.”
We really don’t have any idea how Game of Thrones will end. Spoilers have blessedly been kept to a minimum, thanks to HBO’s famed security, but one thing is certain: the actors have all said, in various ways, that we are in for a world of pain. Let’s get the lemon cakes and whiskey ready for April 14.

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