Could Kylie Jenner Kill Rosé With One Comment? We're About To Find Out

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Rosé stans, get your pitchforks ready: Kylie Jenner just came for your beloved beverage. The lip kit queen just admitted that she does not drink rosé wine, and she did it with a hint of shade.
In a Q&A video promoting Kylie Cosmetics’ Valentine’s collection, which launches February 1, Jenner rattled off exactly what a perfect V-day night looks like to her. In addition to choosing a fancy dinner out over a quiet night at home and diamonds over pearls (obvi), Jenner revealed what she would be drinking on February 14.
The interviewer, asking the tough questions, made the 21-year-old choose between red wine or rosé. With a slight eye roll, Jenner responded, “I don’t really drink rosé.” Gasp!
“So, I’m going to say red wine even though I prefer white,” she followed up with a wink.
n disbelief that the beauty guru does not drink rosé, we went searching through her Instagram to find any evidence of the contrary to restore peace to vineyards everywhere, but no luck. Since turning the legal drinking age in August, Jenner has only been pictured drinking cocktails and detox tea.
Jenner’s flippant dismissal of the famed summer beverage has our heads spinning with questions. Does this mean that rosé is...canceled? Will we have museums and festivals dedicated to pinot grigio instead? If we can be sure of anything, it is that Jenner has a pretty big say of what is in and out in pop culture. Last year, she made headlines for canceling Snapchat with just one tweet, causing a $1 billion-plus drop in Snap, Inc.'s market value.
Despite the fact that #chardonnayallday has a pretty good ring to it, and that Jenner’s track record for being a tastemaker for her generation is strong, she might not be powerful enough to defeat rosé’s popularity. According to Quartz, rosé sales have been increasing since 2014 and show no signs of slowing down. Year after year, rosé has shown more growth than all spirits.
With the #roseallday hashtag garnering over 400,000 posts on Instagram, and the wine’s popularity leading to trendy events such as the Rosé Mansion and the Pinknic festival, we still do not anticipate fans ditching rosé for something new in summer 2019 just because Queen Kylie will not be drinking it.
Just take it from Pinknic creator Derek van Bakergem. "I think it’s here to stay," he told Refinery29 over the summer. "I definitely think for at least the next five years we’re into this category until someone comes up with a new idea or movement."

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