Cole Sprouse Is Still An Edgy Weirdo In Five Feet Apart

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images.
Riverdale's Cole Sprouse is taking a break from Bughead drama to participate in another complicated romance.
The new trailer for the movie Five Feet Apart teams Sprouse with Edge of Seventeen star Haley Lu Richardson (last seen hanging out under Sprouse's real-life girlfriend Lili Reinhart's Golden Globes dress). In the movie, the two play star-crossed lovers who, thanks to the genetic disease cystic fibrosis, can be no less than six feet apart at any time due to risk of sharing germs.
Of course, Sprouse's character will have none of that: He's a rebel through and through. A weirdo, if you will.
"You're the kind of guy who ignores the rules because it makes you feel in control," says Richardson's Stella in the film.
"I'm a weirdo, Stella. I'm weird," replies Sprouse's Will.
Okay, he doesn't actually say that — though he does have oodles of Jughead swagger. He actually says, "You're not wrong," with a smirk that says he's under no one's authority.
Given the predicament that these two CF patients are in, they have to play by the rules. As Stella and Will bond and start doing treatments together via video chat, they realize how badly they want to be close, even if that means taking a risk. That's how we get to the title of the movie!
"After all that CF has stolen from me, I don't mind stealing one foot back," says Stella, before take out a pool cue and daring Will to step closer. The pool cue continues to be romance's greatest accessory.
Check out the new trailer, below. Five Feet Apart hits theaters March 2019.

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