Heather From The Bachelor Has A Real Job —& It Isn't "Never Been Kissed"

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Last night, Bachelor Nation watched with baited breath as Heather Martin revealed to Colton Underwood the secret that had been weighing on her for the entire first half of the episode: Like Colton, she is a virgin, but, unlike Colton, she has never kissed anyone.
Colton's reaction was sweet (and evoked memories of Becca's reaction to Colton's virginity pronouncement once upon a time). But then came a conundrum: Would Colton change Heather's status from never-been-kissed to has-been-kissed-by-Colton?
The answer was, sadly, no. At least not during Week 2. But Heather got a rose on the group date and has made it to Week 3, so perhaps there's still a Colton Kiss in her future.
So far, what ABC would like us to know about Heather is that she is 22, from Carlsbad, CA, has a beautiful Rapunzel-like head of hair, and has the job title Never Been Kissed. But this is not a job, ABC! Which led us to wonder: Does she have a real one? So we did some digging.
According to Martin's Linkedin, she is an Assistant Program Manager at Aethercomm, a design and manufacturing company in Carlsbad. She formerly worked as the assistant to the COO of the company. Prior to this gig, Martin was a marketing research consultant at a coffee roasting company and a pregnancy care clinic. So basically, Heather is very well-rounded despite her very one-dimensional and kiss-oriented TV portrayal. Her degree is in marketing from Biola University, where she served as a student development representative and event marketing intern and graduated in 2017. And, she has been Linkedin-endorsed for marketing, event planning, and research.
If a simple Linkedin search reveals this much about Martin's career, one wonders what led ABC execs to decide her job title is Never Been Kissed instead of, you know, her actual job as a marketing associate. (Knowing that The Bachelor has a penchant for giving female and male contestants job titles like Sloth, Tickle Monster, and Chicken Enthusiast, we don't really have to guess, do we?) Thankfully, Heather clearly has a sense of humor about it — as evidenced by her #ihaveajob and #iswear hashtags below.
Only time will tell if Heather will divulge her marketing career experience to Colton in the next episode.

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