Lily James & Tessa Thompson Are Going To Wreck You In Little Woods

Photo: Courtesy of Neon.
There's no problem that Lily James and Tessa Thompson can't solve — but that doesn't mean it's easy. In the upcoming film Little Woods, the two actresses star as sisters who must get themselves out of a financially sticky situation. Ollie's (Thompson) late mother's home is about to be taken from her, unless she can find the money not only to stay, but to also look after Deb (Lily James), Deb's child, and Deb's unplanned pregnancy. It's more than anyone should have to handle, and that's what makes this exclusive trailer so intense.
Ollie's past as a drug runner comes back to haunt her as she falls back into the business in order to meet these needs, but it's not an easy fix. Her old life was filled with danger, and legal troubles are the last thing these sisters need on top of their financial strain.
Plus, Ollie's return to selling drugs isn't necessarily a welcome development.
"It's not what I wanted alright," Ollie explains to Deb about her new venture. "It just kind of turned into this."
There's other sellers out there aren't happy with the new competition, because everyone's got something they're fighting for. Both Ollie and Deb have to set out to save themselves or die trying. What ensues is a story of the lengths people will go to when there's nowhere left to turn, and what it really means to be family.
Watch the exclusive trailer premiere below.

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