9 Professional Chefs Share How They Really Feel About Instant Pots

It may seem like everyone you know got the same gift for the holidays, and it may also seem like they're all using that gift to conquer the intimidating New Year's resolution of cooking more. We're, of course, talking about the Instant Pot.
The Instant Pot, a pressure cooker that can make everything from beef stew and rice to yogurt and hard-boiled eggs in, well, an instant, has become the trendiest kitchen gadget around in the past few years. Its quickness and versatility are especially appealing to millennials, many of whom we now know are suffering from burnout, and therefore don't have the time or energy to create elaborate meals the "old fashioned" way on a regular basis. However, what makes the Instant Pot so popular for home cooks looking for shortcuts, might be exactly what makes the gadget unappealing for serious chefs.
To find out how professional chefs really feel about the Instant Pot and its current trendy moment, we asked nine chefs to share their thoughts on the machine. Do they think it is a helpful invention that encourages more people to cook? Or, do they discourage home cooks from learning certain important kitchen skills? Would these chefs ever use an Instant Pot in their own kitchens? Check out their responses, ahead.

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