10 Celeb Chefs On The Foods They Won't Eat

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
Having an adventurous palate is an unofficial prerequisite for being a chef, and celebrity cooks are no exception. Creating new recipes requires a familiarity with all kinds of flavors. Besides, wanting to spend all your time around food often goes hand-in-hand with generally appreciating a variety of ingredients.
But even the most gourmet chefs have foods they can't stand. Sometimes, it's because of a bad experience. Other times, it's one of those gut reactions that's as inexplicable as why other foods are favorite and adored. Either way, like the rest of us, there are foods they will avoid if given the choice. Unlike us, however, their fame makes even their dislikes something we're interested in.
Ahead, ten chefs on the foods they not-so-secretly hate.

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