How People Look After Eating Foods They HATE

Photographed by Tory Rust; Hair and Makeup by Andi Yancey.
We all have one: that one food we HATE more than anything else. No matter what we do, how many times we try it, how shocked our friends are that we don't like it, this food remains our culinary archenemy. And we're not talking commonly hated eats like liver or durian, either. These are everyday items that somehow, certain people just can not oblige.
Since most of us avoid said foods like the plague, we wanted to see what people really look like when they take a big bite of whatever it is they can't stand. Maybe it's not as bad as they thought? So, we asked R29 staffers to volunteer for a photo shoot where they'd have to eat their least favorite food (in many cases, for the first time in years) on camera. Their faces are priceless. Not pictured: the trash can into which almost all the sample bites were immediately spat.

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