The Most Clearly Scripted Moments From The Bachelor Last Night

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Look, The Bachelor isn't fake, per se, but it's not like this whole "love game" came out of nowhere. It's being orchestrated by a lot of things — things like romantic lighting, limousines, bubbly, and the entire concept of the show. In this show, you're supposed to fall in love really quickly! That requires some hurrying along.
So, who does that hurrying along? The handy-dandy producers at ABC (we think, we allege), who are working their hardest to ensure the lead of the show actually does fall in love. This requires prompting contestants to ask about certain points or, when things get dire, offering a good pun for contestants to serve up. This is partially how so many virgin jokes ended up in the premiere. The result is that, while most things feel painstaking real (there are few things as awkward as Catherine the DJ on night one), some thing feel a little too rehearsed. Ahead, the most scripted moments from The Bachelor season 23. We will be updating this post weekly as episodes air.

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