This Woman Is Photobombing Every Celeb At The Golden Globes Red Carpet

The Golden Globes red carpet is a congregation of the world's A-listers and A-plus listers competing to out-do each other's elaborate looks. But this year's real twist of the evening? The red carpet's clear standout wasn't Lady Gaga's blue hair or Timothée Chalamet's glitter harness. It was the Fiji Water Girl.
Look at the red carpet photos from the 2019 Golden Globes, and you'll see her lurking in the background. She's wearing a royal blue dress and balancing a few Fiji bottles on her glass tray. But the star of the show is her face. That face. On her face, the expression of someone who's just delivered a maniacal monologue towards the end of The Bachelor. Or the expression of someone who knows, perfectly well, what she's doing: Becoming an icon.
Unsurprisingly, after photobombing so many celebrity photos, the Fiji Water Girl became an instant meme.
Imagine what she's seen over the course of this evening. If only we could know what she was thinking.
Though the recent Summer of Scammers has made us suspicious of potential interlopers, the Fiji Water Girl is there for perfectly legal reasons. Fiji Water has a partnership with the Golden Globes. In the past, models were hired to pass out water for the guests. 2019 is no exception.
So, perhaps she's there to pass out water, and that's all. Or perhaps she knows that by staring at the camera with a certain memorable expression, she can briefly catapult to fame. The celebrities she's surrounded by on the red carpet were made famous through conventional avenues — TV and film. But it's 2019. Now, saying a "meme is born" is essentially the same thing as saying "a star is born."
Prediction: This girl is going places — for at least 15 minutes.

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