The Cutest Couples At The 2019 Golden Globe Awards

Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images.
Welcome to the Golden Globes, a celebration of Hollywood, movies, TV, and more Hollywood! Hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Golden Globes has always had a bit of an identity crisis. The categories operate differently than they do in other awards shows — movies are parsed into "Drama" and "Comedy" categories — and TV is awarded with the same pompadour as the movies. (The audacity.) In terms of what the actual awards mean, the Golden Globes are fairly elusive (and its impact on the rest of award season is often disputed).
But in terms of what the show means, know this: This show is about celebrities hanging out and having fun. Yes, the awards are awarded. But mostly, jokes are made, drinks are had, and the celebs get to poke their heads out of their hidey-holes in Beverly Hills for a night. How grand!
The best thing about celebs out on the town (or the ballroom) for an evening is that they'll get to flaunt their glamorous couplehood. John Krasinski will have the twice-nominated Emily Blunt on his arm. Sandra Oh may bring her very tall boyfriend! Kristin Bell will be toting around Dax Shepard! The couples are out to play, and we're just here to observe. Ahead, some cute couples, all of them getting swanky at the Golden Globes.

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