Tiffany Haddish & Chrissy Teigen Agree That New Years Eve Sucks

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Remember the summer of scams? Meet winter's biggest scam: New Year's Eve! Sold as the one night where you can celebrate the year, it's the holiday that is the worst at overpromising and underdelivering. (The best is Memorial Day, which, honestly, comes right when it's needed.)
Chrissy Teigen and Tiffany Haddish both performed on New Year's Eve, and both eventually made headlines for their performances.
According to TMZ, Haddish ended her New Year's stand-up set early after attendees started walking out when she fumbled a few jokes. (Haddish reportedly told predicted to the crowd, "Now, this is going to be on TMZ or whatever.") An irate Twitter user later claimed that Haddish had invited him on stage to tell jokes onstage. Since that particular exchange — which promptly awakened Twitter's rage — comics have been rallying around Haddish, pointing out that every comic bombs.
Later, on Twitter, Haddish shared an article from The Root about her set in Miami which had been interrupted by hecklers and Teigen piped in with her sympathy.
"Yes this happened," wrote Haddish. "I wish it was better Miami. I prayed on it and I have a strong feeling this will never happened [sic] again."
Teigen's, whose own New Years snafu went viral later that night, shared her two cents: "I bombed last night too and all I had to do was read a prompter and also I lost an eyeball. fuck it we good and you are a queen."
Marlon Wayans even wrote that New Year's sets are particularly hard, even for comedy, which isn't exactly a walk in the park. Wrote Wayans, "To be honest New Year’s Eve sets are haaaaard as fuck!"
Teigen, meanwhile, hosted NBC's New Year's telecast with Carson Daly. In the minutes after midnight, Leslie Jones' umbrella made its way to Teigen's eye during a celebratory hug.
The real bomber here, though, is NYE, which, honestly, should have come better prepared.

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