Colton Underwood Knows He Comes Off As "Disingenuous"

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Colton Underwood, the newest and most burly Bachelor, is highly aware of his flaws — we stan a self-aware lead! (A loose interpretation of the word "stan," here.) Underwood, 26, told People that he knows he's not "this perfect dude." Moreover, he's pretty slick on camera — almost too slick.
Explained Underwood, "Throughout my football career, I’ve always been somebody who’s been very aware and I know when the camera is on me and I know how to be polished...I can see how that might come off as disingenuous."
He claims that, in this season, he will be unpolished and truly himself.
On The Bachelorette, Underwood earned attention for his weepiness and the fact that he was tall. Underwood was also technically a former pro football player — he was briefly a tight end for the Oakland Raiders, although he was released in 2016 before the season officially started. During his football career, Underwood dated Aly Raisman, the Olympic gymnast, which also made him a notable Bachelorette contestant.
Brief brushes with fame apparently made Underwood stiff, which, according to the former footballer, made him seem "disingenuous" on camera. But — hoo, boy — wait until The Bachelor hits the airwaves. This season is going to be real, as evidenced by the innuendos in its promos.
Watch the trailer for The Bachelor, below. The season premieres on January 7. May the weepy games begin!

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