There Are Some Huge Clues Hidden In The Stranger Things 3 Premiere Announcement

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Sure we know that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) will get soaked in the ocean, that the gang will be growing up and into the summer of 1985, and that Hopper is about to become the adoptive father to a teenager with special powers in Stranger Things 3. But the one thing we didn't know was when the show would return for its third season. Happily, another Stranger Things mystery is now solved.
On New Year's Eve, Netflix and several stars of the show shared that you can get your season 3 binge-watch on come July 4, 2019.
"Hope you are as excited as I am," Millie Bobby Brown wrote on the Instagram when she shared the news.
"Here we go. Again!" exclaimed Noah Schnapp.
In the IG from Netflix, they especially singled out "Mileven" fans, zooming in tighter and tighter on Eleven and Mike (Finn Wolfhard), who are holding hands at the center of the illustration.
Here's what we know from the poster: the tagline, "One summer can change everything," should erase all those pesky questions about how these kids are allowed to run around alone all the time. There are fireworks so we'll see their Fourth of July in 1985 happen over our real Fourth in 2019 (if you're a fast binge watcher, that is).
What is really eye-catching is that Eleven and Will (Schnapp) are the only ones looking back, away from the fireworks. Eleven seems to be looking right back at you, the person looking at the illustration. Will's gaze is fixed to the same spot. But, it's my guess that they're seeing...whatever the monster is this season.
Guess we'll find out together on July 4!

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