Thanks To Mars, 2019 Will Start With A Bang

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
By the evening of December 31, Mars will have moved from imaginative Pisces into headstrong Aries, setting a raucous — yet highly motivated — tone for the start of 2019.
As anyone who's ever spoken to an Aries can probably surmise, the sign of the Ram is ruled by Mars, which is why their respective energies are so similar — Aries people get their tenacious, often hot-headed attitude from Mars, the planet of conflict and action. So, when Mars moves through Aries in real time, we're all imbued with a bit of that brazen confidence that we normally only associate with Aries. We feel bolder, braver, and, yes, most likely a little more reckless than usual. Can you think of a better sort of energy to bring into a brand new year?
Whether you have a long list of resolutions, a clear-cut 12-month strategy, or a half-written to-do list for the next couple days, you'll feel refreshed and inspired to execute your plans with aplomb. This sign-planet pairing can make even the meekest among us eager to break out of their shell and basically, do what they want. And, while we encourage everyone to go after what they want in 2019, this overall mood obviously comes with some challenges.
The last time Mars entered Aries, in January 2017, astrologer Nadia Gilchrist wrote that this transit doesn't just reveal how we channel our own aggression but how we receive others' aggressions, as well. If your temper is shorter than usual during this period, it's safe to assume that the same is true for those around you. It'll be difficult to ignore your impulses, but if you're about to take a risk, pause and ask yourself if the outcome of that risk could land you in hot water with someone else. If the answer is yes, proceed with caution.
By mid-February, however, Mars will leave Aries behind for cautious, even-handed Taurus. We'll carry on with a similar sense of determination but with a whopping side of meticulousness in place of Aries' breakneck speed. In other words, let Mars in Aries jumpstart your 2019 — and sort out the details only once you've made some progress.

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