Use These Celeb Vacation Instagram Captions On Your Next Getaway

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
We so often turn to celebrities' vacation Instagram content to provide us with escape from our dreary lives: Please, show us your exotic yacht life while we sit on sticky subway seats; let us see that perfect powder day on the slopes as we waste away in our cubicles. (Maybe some of that vitamin D can reach us through the screen!) But when we too are on vacations — exotic or mundane — we can still have use for those famous feeds, not for escape but for inspiration.
Who knows better how to capture that perfect light and turn it into vicarious entertainment than those who live fabulously as a profession? Somehow, people like Katy Perry and Kaia Gerber can share photos of themselves frolicking on the beach and make us love them more, not hate them with searing jealousy. When they photograph the most spectacular view from their five-star resorts, we just want more.
What is the secret to eliciting our love more than our envy and unfollowing? Surely, part of it is that these are beautiful famous people being beautiful. We can't replicate that, however, we can crib their funny, sincere, and self-deprecating captions for our own use. So just in time for the Fourth of July, flip through these examples to see how it's done by the pros.
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saw you in my dreams again ☁️

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Be Cryptic

Make people wonder who you saw in your dreams whilst on your beach vacation. Or opt for one of the many other moods of the Kylie Skin summer 2019 vacation: "spritz me," "summer lovin'," or "hakuna matata."
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Pose With A Drink, Obviously

In the words of Kate Hudson: "I only match my bathing suits with my’s kinda my new thing." Bonus points if it's a spritz.
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Leave An Out Of Office Reply

Not knowing whether he'd be in a social media mood before traveling this year, Noah Centineo covered all his bases by writing, "Guys I’m going on Vacation. I’m not going to say you should expect a bunch of videos / pictures but I’m not gonna say you shouldn’t either. Just know, I’m outttt."
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Be A Dork

We don't begrudge Katy Perry this moment of defying gravity in one of the world's most annoying ocean toys, and that's mostly because we know it cost her a tiny bit of dignity. "#tbt to when I thought I was winning 2018 and then fell into a jellyfish. Kewl," she wrote.
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Be Cheeky

It's totally okay to use a bad pun when you're surrounded by high culture. "Diving deep into the fruitful art the Louvre has to offer," Ansel Elgort wrote in 2017. "Here I am probably asking myself. 'But why...?' "
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Be Reverent

"Dear Maui, thank you for a glimpse of heaven," Lupita Nyong'o wrote in 2014. In the face of true natural beauty, humor is not required. (Though maybe it is a little funny that she felt the need to specify "#nofilter" here.)
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I've got a love-a-ly bunch of... #HisNHers 🌴

A post shared by Poppy Delevingne (@poppydelevingne) on

Be Cheesy

"I've got a love-a-ly bunch of...," Poppy Delevingne captioned her pic of coconut drinks before an insanely blue ocean. Corny song references diffuse our longing to go to there.
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Exaggerate Your Fails

Yeah, we wish we were skiing right this minute. When Lucy Hale captioned her après ski pic with, "The day I become one with the ❄...from face planting so much," we also remember how nice it is to be warm and dry. So, thanks for that, Lucy.
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blue crush was about me

A post shared by Kaia (@kaiagerber) on

Exaggerate Your Victories

"Blue Crush was about me," Kaia Gerber wrote in 2017 as she posed with a surfboard. Never mind that she's completely dry and in street clothes. In some cases, bold lies can be appreciated.
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Pretend You're Traveling With A Social Media Team

"My favorite type of multitasking #Tanning #Reading #VitaminD" Joan Smalls said of this photo from December 2016. Have a friend take some pics like this and see how long it takes for someone to wonder who’s behind the camera.
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A post shared by Anna Kendrick (@annakendrick47) on

Be Understated

"Alright," wrote Anna Kendrick, in classic Anna Kendrick style, of this view in December 2017.
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Make Your Own Vacation Hashtag

"Views- how amazing?? Only at @ChenotGroup @albereta @espacechenot_albereta #selexisvacation," Serena Williams wrote earlier this summer, proving you don't need to be getting married to come up with your own event hashtag.
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Openly Lust After Your Partner

"I met the hottest guy on the slopes today, and promptly made out with him," Kristen Bell captioned this 2016 pic of herself kissing hubby Dax Shepard. This is potentially obnoxious for any couples who are less cute than Kristen and Dax.
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Remind Everyone That You're Not Totally Perfect, Even If The View Is

"You can’t see it but my elbows were ashy here," Jessica Williams wrote this summer as she posed in New Mexico. She still looks perfect, so there's that.

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