Was Joey King & Jacob Elordi's IRL Relationship Netflix's Secret Sauce?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
According to new data from Netflix, fans of the streaming platform's original movie The Kissing Booth were simply not satisfied with just one watch. Is the sweet love story between high schoolers Noah and Elle to thank — or is it fans' passion for their real-life counterparts?
Maybe it's a little bit of both.
It didn’t take long for fans to realize that the couple at the center of the movie was the real deal: Kissing Booth stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi revealed they were dating in real life after the film’s release, via lots of cute posts on social media. (They dressed up like The Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack and Sally for Halloween! They danced in public! They bought Arizona Iced Teas!)
We’re just speculating here, but did evidence of this real-life relationship send fans back to Netflix, to rewatch The Kissing Booth? New data released by Netflix just revealed that, of all films released between January 1 and November 28 of 2018 on the streaming platform, fans rewatched The Kissing Booth the most. In fact, 50% of fans who watched The Kissing Booth went back to revisit it at least one more time.
That isn't the only evidence that fans are deeply invested in the real relationship between the stars of this Netflix movie. Some fans are convinced that, due to a lack of new social media evidence of the relationship between Elordi and King, the couple has broken up.
Right now, whether Elordi and King are still kissing (in a booth or otherwise) is up for speculation, as neither has confirmed nor denied a split. However, as Netflix just pointed out, if we want more romance, we only have to rewatch The Kissing Booth to see it.

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