These Are The Most-Googled GIFs Of 2018

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
These days, a GIF can say a whole lot about culture. And, coincidentally, so can the number of times that GIF was searched for on Google.
From Cardi B's ubiquitous "Okurrrrr" GIF to the "Tired Neil Patrick Harris" GIF, these Internet staples have come, in many ways, to define moments in time.
Google has just released its 2018 Year In Search, and the results are telling. In a year filled with continued social upheaval, Google analytics paint a slightly more light-hearted picture of today's society. It's interesting to stop and look back at the things that we are using Google to search for. But, when it comes to GIFs, it's hard to say exactly what the results mean.
You can decide for yourself; from Fortnite to Cat Curling, here are the top trending searches related to GIFs in 2018.
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For those who aren't that familiar with Fortnite, it's an online video by Epic Games that first hit the scene in 2017.

The game has kind of taken the internet by storm, and you can see Fortnite-related GIFs and memes pretty much everywhere on the internet these days (and IRL this Halloween). For this reason, it's no real surprise that the Fortnite GIF was the number one most-Googled GIF search for 2018.
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Coming in at number two? Another Fortnite-related GIF search: the Default Dance GIF.

The Fortnite Default Dance is a remix series based on the default dance emote in the game. The origin story dates all the way back to a 2006 episode of Scrubs where the character Turk danced to the song "Poison." Turk's dance moves were then used by Epic Games for their default dance. Fortnite's "Default Dance GIF" came in as the second most-popular GIF search this year.
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"Dilly dilly" is a phrase that became a viral sensation thanks to a 2017 Bud Light commercial.

In the commercial, a group of characters in supposedly medieval times gather at a banquet and toast their beers by saying "dilly dilly." The phrase became an internet favorite, which is made apparent by the fact that it came in as the number-three most-Googled GIF this year.
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The search term "Orange Justice" is an emote in the game Battle Royale. It's a reference to a post on Reddit called "Justice for the Orange Shirt Kid," which refers to a dance that was performed by a child (who wore an orange shirt) in Epic Game's #BoogieDown contest.

The Reddit post called for this kid's dance moves to be included in the Fortnite game because he was a fan favorite, despite the fact that he didn't win the grand prize.
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Black Panther was one of the standout movies of the year, and so it's appropriate that Black Panther-related GIFs would be some of the most-Googled this year.

From "Wakanda Forever," to other epic imagery from the film, references to this blockbuster have been circulating around the internet all year, and will likely continue to for the foreseeable future.
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The "Cat Curling" GIF is a winner for cat-lovers everywhere.

Derived from an edited video that shows a black cat being hurled across ice in place of a curling stone during the Olympic Games, the GIF came in as the sixth most-Googled this year.
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Turns out the "Ugandan Knuckles" GIF and meme is actually pretty problematic, given it's used by some as a reference to white supremacy.
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There are plenty of Draymond Green GIFs floating around the internet.

Green, who is an NBA player for the Golden State Warriors, is known for his candid facial expressions — in particular, the faces he made during singer Fergie's performance of the Star-Spangled Banner at the NBA All-Star Game pre-game show earlier this year.
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Cardi B has basically become the queen of the internet. GIFs of her are everywhere, and she has popularized phrases — "Okurrr" — and song lyrics in a way that few others have this year.

So it's no surprise that Cardi was included in the top-10 most-Googled GIFs in 2018.
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Love it or hate it, the "Floss Dance" is still dominating the internet.

Rounding out the list of top-10 most-searched-for GIFs, the floss dance first went viral on social media after Russell Horning (a.k.a. the "Backpack Kid") performed the moves from Katy Perry's live performance of the song "Swish Swish" in 2017. And it's still everywhere.

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