The Most Googled TV Shows Of 2018 & Where To Watch Them

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Finding the perfect show to watch isn't always the easiest thing to do, especially in 2018. With so many real-life ups and downs, many of us weren't sure if comedy, drama, or something a little more futuristic was the way to go. But, in those moments when we felt lost in a sea of choices, many of us turned to none other than Google for recommendations.
Today Google unveiled some of their year-end search statistics, including which TV shows people couldn't stop searching for information about in 2018. From a realistic teen drama to a '90s sitcom reboot, no two shows are the same.
Before you click through though, you might want to snag your friends' logins for Netflix, Hulu, and HBO , because we're also going to tell you where to stream these series right this second. Yup, just go ahead and cancel your weekend plans now.

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