Netflix Just Dropped 12 New Treats — Here's What's Worth Watching

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In October, we recognized the Netpocalypse had come. Netflix was dropping 14 titles on a single day. But it is now clear such a content dump is becoming the norm for the streaming site.
If you're not sure about that fact, just look at Netflix's premiere schedule for Friday, December 7. This time around, the digital behemoth is debuting 12 new projects, from full international series (The Hook Up Plan and Dogs Of Berlin) to holiday specials (Nailed It! Holiday) and charming young adult rom-coms (Dumplin'). With so many options, it's hard to know what to watch first.
That's where we came in. We found all of Netflix's new offerings and broke them down by plot, genre, and whether you should watch something immediately or skip for now. Keep reading for the full low-down on all of these Netflix treats, complete with the trailer.
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Nailed It! Holiday (Holiday special)

What is it?: A seven-episode holiday themed version of Netflix’s perfect baking competition, Nailed It.

What is it about?: Watching amateur bakers fail at making dreidels, baby Jesuses, and more wintery iconography.

See or skip?: See! This might be Netflix’s funniest holiday special. Sorry, Christmas Prince 2.
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The Hook Up Plan (Season 1)

What is it?: A edgy French-language rom-com.

What is it about?: Elsa (Zita Hanrot), has been hung up on her ex-boyfriend for two years. So her friend secretly hires a male escort to coax Elsa back onto the dating scene. Of course, this clandestine arrangement become far more complicated than anyone expects.

See or skip?: See, especially if you’re a fan of Lovesick, You’re The Worst, or Love. Hook Up be right up your alley.
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What is it?: The latest addition to pop culture’s current obsession with pageants. A movie starring Jennifer Aniston featuring music by Dolly Parton.

What is it about?: Willowdean (Danielle Macdonald) is a plus-size girl growing up in small-town Texas with a former beauty queen (Aniston) for a mom. Her whole life changes when she decides to enter her mother’s pageant as a form of protest.

Also, there’s a definite rom-com element here, as Willowdean grapples with a reciprocated crush on her dreamy coworker, Bo (Luke Benward).

See or skip?: That really depends. After Dietland, Sierra Burgess, and countless other projects before Dumplin, it is personally exhausting to see another project that hinges on its main character being a plus-size woman. There’s a world where Willowdean’s size isn’t one of her top three characteristics or it doesn’t hamper her love story.

But, if you really love Jennifer Aniston or Dolly Parton, Dumplin is a must-watch.
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Bad Blood (Season 1)

What is it?: A Netflix-acquired Canadian crime drama

What is it about?: The real-life Montreal mafia family, the Rizzutos. As with most series about crime families, Bad Blood is only loosely based on its subjects. Don’t expect a documentary here.

See or skip?: See, with your dad (if you can handle watching an MA-rated series with him). Bad Blood is a total dad show.
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Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

What is it?: The latest retelling of the Jungle Book story, this time by Netflix.

What is it about?: Young Mowgli (Rohan Chand) finding his place between the human world and the jungle that has been his home. This version of the tale is far more adult than one would expect, as Mowgli eventually finds one of his animal friends’ heads mounted on a piece of wood. Legend Of The Jungle goes dark.

See or skip?: To quote my colleague Elena Nicolaou, you should see “if you don’t have anything else to watch.”
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5 Star Christmas

What is it?: An Italian-language holiday comedy

What is it about?: Things go horribly awry after two Italian politicians on opposite sides of the aisle (the prime minister and a senator) go to Budapest for a pre-Christmas affair vacation.

Somehow, a fake Santa Claus ends up dead in the adulterous couple’s room. What follows is a slightly sex-obsessed, very holiday-friendly version of Weekend at Bernie's.

See or skip?: See if you want to stream another lovable, ridiculous holiday movie when you’re done with the Christmas Prince franchise and The Princess Switch.
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Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas (Holiday special)

What is it?: The holiday special for Netflix’s magically-influenced, demon-fighting American-Japanese anime series Neo Yokio. A show, for the record, that is led by Jaden Smith.

What is it about?: I watched the trailer for Pink Christmas, and it's so wild, I honestly can't explain it. So let’s go to to the official synopsis: “The holidays take a hit as Kaz (Smith) juggles the Secret Santa competition, his Aunt Angelique’s visit, and his nemesis Arcangelo’s (Jason Schwartzman) Christmas plotting.”

See or skip?: See. It looks like 65 minutes of absolute holiday madness.
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The American Meme

What is it?: A documentary on the highs and lows of celebrity internet fame

What is it about?: Investigating how one becomes a digital influencer and whether that is really a good thing in the modern age. Paris Hilton, DJ Khaled, Josh Ostrovsky (The Fat Jewish on Instagram), and so much EDM music all appear.

See or skip?: You can probably skip this one and save 90 minutes by sifting through the subjects' Instagram stories instead.
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Dogs of Berlin (Season 1)

What is it?: A German-language crime drama

What is it about?: Two detectives (Felix Kramer and Fahri Yardim) figuring out who killed a fictional German soccer player, the Turkish-German superstar Orkan Erdem (Cino Djavid). The mystery leads the cops on a tour of the criminal underworld and a racially fraught Berlin.

See or skip?: The trailer for tough guy series Dogs Of Berlin is so heavy handed, it pairs someone saying, “I’m just about to [cross the line],” with the visual of someone walking over an actual line. You can skip.
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Pine Gap (Season 1)

What is it?: An American-Australian thriller filled with pretty people

What is it about?: An intelligence partnership between America and Australia. After a suspicious missile takes out a suspicious civilian aircraft, questions arise between both halves of the supposedly allied surveillance tribes.

Things then get very Shonda Rhimes-y when we learn one member of the Australian team (Tess Haubrich) and one member of the American team (Parker Sawyers) are hooking up.

See or skip?: See if you’re sorely missing the drama of ABC’s Shondaland block and the intensity of Bodyguard.
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ReMastered: Who Killed Jam Master Jay?

What is it?: A true crime documentary and the third installment of the ReMastered series

What is it about?: As the title suggests, an investigation into one of hip-hop's biggest mysteries: who murdered Run DMC emcee Jam Master Jay.

See or skip?: See, especially if you’re already a fan of true crime and wish the genre had more pop cultural ties.
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The Ranch (Part 6)

What is it?: Another 10 episodes of Ashton Kutcher’s blue collar sitcom.

What is it about?: The ranch.

See or skip?: By now, you know if you’re a Ranch person or not.

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