All The Clues John Meehan Is Lying In Dirty John

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
As we all know in the real world, John Meehan, the titular subject of both Dirty John the podcast and the Bravo TV adaptation, was a con man. But, the characters in Bravo’s newest anthology series don’t start Dirty John armed with such knowledge. Instead, everyone has to come to that terrible realization on their own.
Second episode “Red Flags And Parades” is the moment the villainy of John (Eric Bana) starts to become apparent to everyone involved. Veronica Newell (Juno Temple), daughter of Dirty John’s latest target, Debbie Newell (Connie Britton), finds the desert-set trailer park where John used to live. Debbie’s nephew Toby (Kevin Zegers) helps with the amateur investigation, which reveals John wasn’t in Iraq when he claimed to be there as a member of Doctor’s Without Borders.
By the end of “Red Flags,” Debbie learns John knows at least one inmate at Orange County Central Men’s Jail and has an entire drawer of incriminating evidence. In that damning drawer, Debbie finds restraining order documents, official requests for John to surrender her nursing license, a full list of every crime he has ever been accused of, and print-outs of women calling him a romantic menace via message board.
Yet, there were many red flags before the close of Red Flags.” Keep reading for a full list of the many clues Dirty John dropped hinting John definitely wasn’t the considerate, philanthropic, and wealthy doctor he claimed to be.
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