Claire Foy Dares You To Keep Up With Netflix's Non-Stop Show Drops On SNL

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
If you think there are way too many originals to keep up with on Netflix, you’re not alone. Claire Foy hosted Saturday Night Live, where she poked fun at the seemingly endless content being released by the streaming giant. SNL joked that in 2019, Netflix will “go crazy” and will buy every single TV pitch under the sun — including a spinoff of its hit show The Crown mashed up with Saved By the Bell.
“We love Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth so much, we’re sending her back to high school!” says a voiceover for a fake show called Saved By the Crown. Foy, decked out in royal pink gear with a jaunty tiara, moans, “I’m in over my crowwwwn,” with that teen angst we all remember.
But SNL graced us with another spinoff joke, this time poking fun at the spate of “gritty” TV reboots, such as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. In Officer Winslow, a “gritty” re-imagining of wholesome ‘90s sitcom Family Matters, Kenan Thompson plays a trigger-happy Carl Winslow, who drinks too much and swears like a sailor. “Why did I do that?” he cries after shooting his gun at the ceiling. Is it terrible to say that that we would actually watch this?
SNL also skewered the vast amount of content on the platform, so much that we can barely keep up with the old stuff, let alone the monthly drops of new TV and movies (by our count, 100 new things in December alone!). “We’ve got SO. MANY. SHOWS — even we haven’t seen them all!” They also answered a question we’ve all had while scrolling with through the menu: who watches this stuff? Kate McKinnon appears as Ruth, the only woman on the planet who watches a Western show called Kennymeade Depot. “Thanks, Ruth!” exclaims a Netflix exec. And the content mill keeps churning, with some 700 shows dropping on the streaming giant in 2018. Have you watch them all?
You can watch the sketch below.

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