Let These Bachelor & Bachelorette Contestants Help You Sift Through The #SponCon

The worst part about the holiday season is that The Bachelor isn't on air. Much worse than the long lines at department stores or hellish airline travel, it's the noticeable absence of weepy, love-filled reality television that brings the Christmas blues. That said, thanks to Instagram and the world of podcasting, The Bachelor is always in season. (Much like rosé and the Oscars.)
Amid this Bachelor drought, though, there is a surplus of gift recommendations. So why not give the gift of the Bachelor this Christmas? Or, better yet, give the gift of Bachelor taste.
If you look right now, your Instagram is already flooded with Bachelor-worthy gift suggestions, but most of them are in the form of sponsored posts and content. As a way to help you sift through the #sponcon, the podcast ads, and the general you-should-buy-this, Refinery29 spoke to the Bachelor's faves Ashley Iaconetti, Diggy Moreland and Ben Higgins for the best gift recommendations. Ahead, their favorites, and how you can give them for Christmas.

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