Oh God, Pete Davidson's BDE Makes A Cameo In "Thank U, Next"

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.
After all that, "Thank U, Next" is finally out. The video, as promised, contains iconic remakes of the best rom-coms and high school films of all-time — and Ariana Grande is at the center of all them. She's Regina George in Mean Girls, Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, Torrance in Bring It On, and Jenna in 13 Going on 30. It's fantastic, it's cinematic, and it's the only fitting visual for the Unofficial Song of the Year.
But, most importantly, the song talks about the biggest myth of the year: Big Dick Energy. Is it real? Who decides who has it? Is Pete Davidson a possessor of it? I'm here to tell you that yes, yes Davidson is. And Grande used her video to confirm it — twice.
In the music video, while working on her Burn Book as Regina, Grande writes an entry about each of her exes in the song. On Davidson's page, there's word, written in ginormous marker letters: "HUUUUGE." Now, this one word could be referring to Davidson's height, but as young adults, we know it ain't. If we needed more confirmation on the matter, she brings up the topic again while getting her nails done as Elle. Speaking with Jennifer Coolidge, reprising her role Paulette, Grande remarks that her ex was "huge." Coolidge responds by asking if she's ever dated a guy with "no teeth." (We'll unpack that later.)
And then, if we wanted to talk about Davidson's dick size even more, there's also a cameo from the Legally Blonde mail delivery guy (the one that Paulette falls for after she casually breaks his nose doing the bend 'n' snap), who is now a "BDE" guy instead of a "UPS" guy.
I cannot wait for the Weekend Update segment about these lines. Cannot wait.

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