Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Brought Their Mac & Cheese Rivalry To The Next Level

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One of the funniest, sitcom-iest moments from John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's A Legendary Christmas special on NBC Wednesday night was when they got super competitive about their macaroni and cheese recipes. Longtime fans of the couple will recognize this as a continuation of a rivalry that stretches back several years — but like mac and cheese itself, it certainly never gets old.
In the "S'Macdown," Teigen complains about how much everyone praises her husband's recipe, arguing, "I think they're just giving him points because he's John Legend."
It's a complaint she aired in her first book, Cravings.
"Every single time he makes his mac and cheese, people lose it, like he literally invented mac and cheese," Teigen wrote before sharing her own recipe. "Why? It's because he is a brilliant, handsome, kind, wonderful fucking human being who is incredibly talented and famous who happens to make a good mac and cheese."
Naturally, this trash-talking inspired people, including Pop Sugar and Ryan Seacrest, to conduct taste tests of both recipes. (Legend shared his publicly years ago on The Martha Stewart Show, so it's just as easily accessible.)
During the special, the couple try to settle this argument once and for all. First they force comedian Neal Brennan to put aside his vegan principles to taste them. He said it was a tie.
Then they conducted a focus group, which Teigen totally rigged by putting Legend's in a paper cup and hers in a nice cardboard ramekin. That immediately earned her points on presentation. She also later admitted to further sabotage.
"I made mine on site with a portable stove and his sat cold forever. I love myself I’m the worst," she tweeted.
The focus group chose Teigen's. So did Pop Sugar's staff, who really enjoyed the cheesy garlic breadcrumbs she puts on top.
"While no one could deny that John's basic macaroni and cheese is good, it just doesn't stand a chance against Chrissy's elevated flavors and cheesy shells," wrote Pop Sugar’s Erin Cullum. She ventured to suggest that both recipes be combined for the best of both.
The S'Macdown ends with Teigen receiving a mac and cheese trophy to stand up with her hubby's EGOT collection. In all seriousness, we think it is just as important an honor.

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