From Stacy To Belgravia’s Royals, Here’s Everyone You Need To Know In The Princess Switch

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
By now, you are probably familiar with — and have possibly already watched in full — the Netflix original movie The Princess Switch. In it, a type-A baker from Chicago is entered in a baking competition in the fictional country of Belgravia and, almost immediately, discovers she has a doppelganger who just so happens to be a duchess set to marry the prince. The baker and duchess decide to switch places for a few days, and, well, you probably have a good idea of what comes next. (It involves Christmas cheer, high-stakes baking drama, and, of course, people falling in love.)
What you might not have such a clear picture of, however, is who is actually in the movie. Here are all the characters and actors you need to keep straight for a successful watch (or re-watch) of The Princess Switch.

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