Everything We Know About Shadowhunters' Final Season

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If there was one breakout success story at the 2018 People’s Choice Awards, it was Freeform’s Shadowhunters. The fan-favorite fantasy series took home four awards, including TV Show Of 2018, Bingeworthy Show Of 2018 — yes those are different — and lead performer trophies for stars Katherine McNamara and Harry Shum Jr. Those two winning performers respectively play Shadowhunters’ badass leading lady Clary Fray and one half the beloved Malec ship, Magnus Bane.
After Shadowhunters’ banner night, it’s likely fans everywhere are wondering what’s next for the Mortal Instruments adaptation, which was technically cancelled in June 2018. Thankfully, Freeform will still gift the world with Shadowhunters season 3B despite the drama’s looming end (the memorable May 2018 finale was merely the midseason closer).
Ahead of Shadowhunters’ goodbye season, we scoured the Internet for all the spoilers and details we can find for the series’ last episodes. Keep reading for every Shadowhunter season 3B secret your heart desires.
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When will Shadowhunters season 3B premiere?

Following 2018’s wild midseason finale, Shadowhunters season 3B will debut on Monday, February 25. The goodbye season will have 10 traditional episodes and then wrap with an additional two-part finale.
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How will the Shadowhunters series finale work?

The two-part finale will be made up of two one-hour episodes, bringing season 3B to a total of 12 episodes. It is currently unclear how much plot that two-hour finale will have to run through to wrap up the story of Clary Fray.

Hopefully the special won’t try to tackle the entirety of the Mortal Instruments book series’ final installment, City of Heavenly Fire, which comes in at a whopping 725 pages in hardcover form.
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Is Clary actually dead?

Shadowhunters gave fans one of the most shocking midseason finales of the year with “Erchomai.” In the last seconds of the episode, it sure looked like heroine Clary died in a Mark Of Cain-caused explosion. But, the leading lady isn’t gone from the Shadowhunters world forever.

Immediately after “Erchomai” aired, producers confirmed Clary’s portrayer Katherine McNamara would return. Now, we’re getting details on what to expect for everyone’s favorite supposedly dead human-angel hybrid come season 3B.

“She will never be the same,” McNamara teased to IBTimes. “She will never go back to the person that she was. She can never be that person again after what happened.”

The Freeform actress also confirmed “a short amount of time will pass” before Clary is seen again, leading to explorations of different kinds of grief for the people who loved her.
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Well, is Lilith actually dead?

Lilith (Anna Hopkins) is allegedly the other casualty of that “Erchomai” explosion. But, if Clary is set to make a comeback, it makes sense for the Mother Of Demons to return as well. That’s why the Shadowhunters team has already confirmed Lilith’s imminent resurgence.

“You can never kill a greater demon, You can only banish them back to Edom, so Lilith is not gone,” executive producer Todd Slavkin told TVLine. “In fact, you’ll see her again. But the poor thing is stuck in Edom, and she’s not too happy about that.”
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Will anything good happen for Malec?

If there is one ship Shadowhunters fans are dedicated to, it’s Malec. Just ask Twitter, Tumblr, or Giphy.

As we saw in the 3A finale, Magnus gave up his magic to save Jace (Dominic Sherwood) from Lilith’s thrawl. Well, that loss is going to seriously effect Magnus, and therefore his relationship with Alec.

“It’s heartbreaking,” EP Slavkin alsod told TVLine. “[Magnus] learns a lot. He learns how to live in the moment, something he never had to do when he had powers … It’s beautiful and profound and it’ll break your heart. You’re in for a ride that’s really intense to watch.”

With Magnus now learning to “live in the moment,” we can at least expect some more “slice of life” moments for Malec — like the one in this 3B sneak peek. Sweet!
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Should we hold out hope for a Shadowhunters season 4?

When Freeform announced Shadowhunters would end after season 3, loyal viewers did everything they could to save their show. Change.org petitions were signed by the hundreds of thousands. Times Square billboards were purchased. People were sent to the skies.

Yet, Shadowhunters is officially, unquestionably done after that upcoming two-part finale special.

“Shadowhunters must come to an end,” producer Martin Moszkowicz tweeted. “While we are trying to figure out new ways and new incarnations in which to bring the Shadow World to fans worldwide, we are sad to say that after many efforts by all parties involved, it’s not possible for this version of Shadowhunters to continue.”
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Is there any good news here?

At least the Shadowhunters crew seems proud of their show's last installments, which finished production in August.

As Magnus’ portrayer Harry Shum told Elle, "We were able to wrap the show up in a beautiful, exciting way. Filming those last few episodes was truly bittersweet."

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