Fans On Twitter Are Not Happy With This Shadowhunters Sex Scene

A Shadowhunters hookup is leaving some viewers of the show with complicated feelings.
On Monday's episode of the Freeform series, Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) and Alec (Matthew Daddario) take the "next step" in their slow-burning relationship and have sex. While Malec (the couple's name) might be a favorite ship amongst fans, not everyone loved how the couple's first foray into sex played out on the screen. Some viewers felt that Alec didn't receive proper consent from Magnus before initiating sex.
In the scene, Alec comes to Magnus' door and tells him that he wants to take the "sex step" with him. Alec kisses Magnus, but Magnus isn't that into it: he tells Alec that he's afraid of losing him if they move further physically. Alec insists to Magnus that they have nothing to worry about because Alec now knows he wants to move forward. He then kisses Magnus and pushes him into a bedroom, presumably to have sex — without getting any sort of verbal agreement from his partner. Watch the scene below:
Fans have a lot of feelings about what went down:
Shadowhunters showrunner Darren Swimmer responded to the backlash on Twitter, stating:
"We thought it was a given that Alec wouldn't have forced anything, but a fair point that we could have made consensus more clear onscreen."
No matter how much we love a particular couple, consent is mandatory. Props to Shadowhunters fans for demanding it shown explicitly.

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