"Thank U, Next” Would Not Exist Without These 2 Guys (No, Not Exes)

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No man, woman, or mariachi band has been able to resist the allure of Ariana Grande's latest single, "Thank U, Next." Coming on the heels of the singer's most recent album, Sweetener, "Thank U, Next" is Grande's most honest confession yet, making direct references to her difficult year and calling out her exes by name. The song addresses her failed engagement to Pete Davidson, the death of Mac Miller, and all the things she's learned from her relationships over the years that have ultimately made her a better person. Plus, it's a bop.
In the words of Grande herself, the song is "a smash," but it takes a village to get something like that out of Grande's brain, into the studio, and onto the playlist of every of every bar this weekend. It takes Social House, the producing duo behind the hit, and many other songs you know — including their first single, "Magic In The Hamptons."
Michael “Mikey” Foster and Charles “Scootie” Anderson are the Pittsburgh natives behind the music, who have lived in LA these past three years to collaborate with artists like Grande and Jennifer Lopez, but they credit their relationships with the artists as the key to their success, and are quick to give them all the credit.
"Shoutout to Ariana," Anderson said when we talked over the phone about how "Thank U, Next" came to life. "She's amazing...the idea to really take off a layer and expose a real truth, the honesty...we're so excited."
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Foster said the experience of creating the song was extremely collaborative, that he and his fellow producer walked into the room and "caught the vibe and said let's throw some paint and see what we come up with."
When they first listened to the song back, Anderson described it as "a really special moment."
"We were all together for that whole time, helping each other get stuff done," he explained.
As for the reception it's received? Foster is "speechless," and now the duo is joining Grande on her world tour to give her fans a chance to hear the music they've been making for themselves.
Currently, Social House has released two songs, "Magic In The Hamptons" and "Higher," but assured me the rest of their year involves working nonstop to create new music. Catch them in action on the Sweetener world tour, and watch the music video for "Magic In The Hamptons" below!

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